“I bring in concept artists to turn sketches and ideas into beautiful artwork, I put together the best possible teams of sculptors, engineers, painters, mould makers and make-up artists and hairdressers to produce the work, which I supervise and direct very closely, bringing out the best in the teams I create; and I personally budget and schedule all project builds.

I work directly with Production Designers to ensure that my work fulfils their vision for the project. Whether I am designing make-ups, crafting digital scanning versions of creatures or supervising the day to day production of endlessly repeating prosthetic pieces my attention to detail is second to none: I want the finish of everything that leaves my workshop to be as perfect as it can possibly be.

I don’t like to work as a company which simply charges a fee (containing overheads and profit margins,etc.) and turns up on the day…I prefer to be hired as an individual, working in the studio with production so Director and Producers can witness the work in progress; I provide weekly costings (which I match to my projections) to accounts departments so Producers can see where every dollar goes.

No surprises.

Changes and additions can be dealt with swiftly and accurately.

This approach has allowed me to be very clear cut in my handling of extremely large multi-million dollar budgets over the last decade or so. It has allowed me to put the full value of my crews’ work on screen, and not lose it in needless bureaucracy.

I offer the latest and best from the practical make-up effects world and mesh it with the requirements of today’s digital pipeline, providing Visual Effects Supervisors with a support structure which hopefully makes their job easier too…”