Nick Dudman is a multi award-winning special make-up effects artist with four decades of experience in the film industry; working as the designer / supervisor on a huge range of successful motion pictures and TV shows.

Among his latest Projects:  

Makeup Effects Designer on Amazon / Sony’s “The Wheel of Time”, Seasons 1 and 2.



Makeup Effects Designer on Amazon / Legendary’s  “Carnival Row”, Seasons 1 and 2,

Credited as Co-Producer on the final 2 episodes



He also designed the prosthetic makeup effects for Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”


His Creatures Department’s work from all 8 Harry Potter movies is on show at the Studio Tour at Warner Bros Studios, Leavesden,UK.

MuFX plaque 27cms x 7.1cms

 Making a move into producing, he is  developing a major TV Series based on the best-selling  “The Saga of The Exiles” novels by Julian May.

Barnes and Noble review

Felice at The Ship’s Grave

Other projects in development include “The Downstairs Bathroom”, a wartime battle of the sexes over a ladies convenience.





32 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading ‘The Saga of the Exiles’ for quite a few years now, and look forward to seeing them on TV. I like the promotional picture you have above for them.

  2. Chalikos arriving at High Vrazel – love it. I’ve been re-reading these books since 1982. The very best of luck to you in their production – I can’t wait!

  3. Bringing the Saga of the Exiles to TV or film is a massive challenge. I hope all goes well and if it succeeds in bringing half of Julian May’s epic vision to life it will be wonderful. Good luck – really looking forward to seeing this.

  4. The picture of Felice at The Ship’s Grave looks epic. Can’t wait to see that on the screen. 🙂

  5. SotE on screen?? That would delight the teenager that fell through May’s rabbit hole 30 years ago. One of the top 5 Fantasy/Scifi series ever. If you doubt me go & read them.

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    A must read post!

  7. I’ve wanted this to hit the screen for ages, and in recent years Game of Thrones (and your own Penny Dreadful, of course) has shown there’s an appetite for long series in this vein.

    With GoT winding up their last series, you could take advantage of the production teams in Northern Ireland and other venues that might double for Pliocene Europe.

    Any updates about the development?

  8. Absolutely my favourite books. I really do hope this project gets off the ground. It could so easily be the next Game of Thrones.

  9. Will be keeping an eye out for this. Fell in love with the book series during the 80s. Best of luck bring this wonderful book series to life.

  10. To update those keeping tabs; Exiles is progressing…screenwriter onboard…discussions ongoing…a long, slow process! We are determined that this will be faithful to the books, that’s what I promised Julian…and that means it all takes time….so many people want to turn it into something else, usually something we’ve all already seen…so lots of false starts as is often the case…I hope to have more detail later this year…

  11. Hi Nick, I do hope things are progressing with SotE. I bought the books in the 80s when they came out, and have re-read them so many times now. The scale of the story, the richness of the characters — it really deserves to be on screen. Have you tried Apple TV+ as a home? Good luck!

  12. Good luck to you, Nick. I can imagine how some studio execs would like to create something generic – eyes blazing red when higher mind-powers are deployed etc – but the genius in Julian May’s writing is that makes us believe these abilities are our future, that one day the extraordinary will be ordinary.

  13. Hi Nick, what’s the crack with the Pliocene Saga? I would literally give up non-vital body parts to be part this this! Good luck, and any update would be just peachy!

  14. I know it takes time to develop a TV series of this scale, but align with someone that has the money and power to see this to fruition

  15. Real nice seeing this made into a tv series. Julian was my cousin. I liked telling people about her, but sadly never got to meet her. And she’s the reason I’ve published a couple of graphic novels using the surname Majewski.

  16. Amazing to hear the Saga of The Exiles is going to be a TV Series, I’ve re-read them all for years, glad to hear they are going to be as faithful as possible! Good luck with it all Nick.

  17. I just discovered this page – I read the Saga of the Exiles in the 80s as a teenager, and have probably read them all at least a dozen times since. I would be so excited to see them turned into an epic TV series with high production values. Fingers crossed and good luck!

  18. Good luck and stick to your guns! There is still interest! Don’t let the ruin it like GoT and the Witcher!

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